Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

Sound of Music offers a return policy on damaged or defective products only. Returns must be filed within 48 hours of delivery (as shown by delivery tracking number).

Before returning an item, you must call Sound of Music at (765) 457-8821 or toll free (877) 539-0714. Once approved, a return authorization will be issued. Once issued, we will send a prepaid UPS shipping label to be attached to the shipping box. Once the label is attached, you may drop the package off at any UPS location. A replacement will be shipped to you at our expense once the defective item has been returned.

We do not accept returns for the following items: close out or clearance items, special order items, strings picks, books, sheet music, DVD’s, CD’s, Blu Ray Discs, all copyrighted material, computer related items (including software), cymbals, drumheads, cables, wired microphones, wireless microphones and components, wind screens, harmonicas, kazoos, wind instruments, mouthpieces, reeds, polish chemicals, any form of fluids, instrument care products, guitar pickups, light bulbs, and light gels. All items must be repackaged in their original packaging and include all accessories and paperwork.


Damaged Items

For items that are damaged during shipping, please contact us within 48 hours upon arrival.

Defective Items

Defective items are items that have a defect from the manufacturer, not from shipping damage (see “Items that are Damaged During Shipping” policy).

Item Photos

Photographs of the items on our site are there to provide a general idea of the finish of the instrument. There will likely be some variance in color due to the many variables of viewing pictures online (monitor settings, different browsers, graphic cards, etc.).

Finish and Wood Grain

Wood is a product of nature and will have some variances from guitar to guitar. Like fingerprints, no two guitars are alike; even if they are the same model and finish. Wood has unique features such as grain variance, knots, flaming, quilting, darker and lighter grain color, etc. Cracks in the wood are defects, variances in the visual aspects of the wood are not.

Product Playability

Once a musical instrument arrives at the Sound of Music, we take the time to inspect and set up the instrument so that it plays like it should. However, with changes in climate and humidity, the playability of the product can change. Guitars often do require adjustment upon arrival. We make no guarantee as to the playability of the instrument once it leaves our showroom. We will assist you with advice on adjustment, but will not make return policy exceptions on the playability of a guitar. Guitars do need adjustment every once and awhile, especially when being purchased via mail order.